Exploring the value of enhanced location data

This report, in association with Internet Retailing, explores the opportunities offered by location data as well as the benefits it can bring for both retailers and their customers.

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"Without location data we would struggle to understand our consumers, their behaviour and how to target them effectively"

Liam Hewitt,
Senior eCommerce manager at Hush

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The need for increased intelligence in delivery

Discover how location data is key to improved customer experience resulting in loyal customers and increased revenues.


How retailers can use location intelligence to improve what they offer to customers

Learn the impact of your data management processes has on customer trust, so you can continue to build positive digital relationships.


Understanding the value of Location Intelligence for customer delight

Discover how location data is key to improved customer experience resulting in loyal customers and increased revenues.


Understanding the business case to implement enhanced location intelligence

How to build a case for implementation of location intelligence through measurement of conversion, return rates and revenue uplift by geographic area.

Explore the value of enhanced data locations

About the author


Knowledge about location has always been crucial to the ecommerce experience since, at a very basic level, any successful online customer transaction relies on getting the product to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

The use of location data, with tools such as address look-up and verification, can therefore help ease customer friction when checking out. They can also increase accuracy around delivery, ensuring that the customer experience is a good one and that the shopper will shop with the same retailer again.

But there are far more opportunities around location data than just these. In this white paper we explore the opportunities offered by location data and more enhanced location data intelligence, as well as the benefits these can bring both for retailers and their customers.

Liz Morrell, Research Editor, Internet Retailing.

Improving User Experience - retailer use case examples

  • Making cross-sell and up-sell products more relevant through better knowledge of customer needs
  • Using enhanced location data to tailor deliveries and identify potential problems
  • Improving service offerings for homes services such as product installation

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